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Cheap & Cost Efficient Home Server

Posted in hack, Hobby, home server, pogoplug by Jerry Jacob on September 19, 2012

Heard about pogoplug? Pogoplug is a multimedia sharing device that lets you connect any external hard drive and then access and share your content over the internet. Basically this is a plug computer powered by an ARM processor. The model that I purchased, POGO-B01, is a 700 MHz Dual core processor with 128MB RAM.  There are 4 USB ports on this device and one Ethernet port. Since it is a plug computer, it uses very less electricity. I got it from J&R for less than $20.

I attached an external hard disk and used it for a couple of weeks, having my own pogoplug “storage cloud”. But pogoplug software had its own limitations while using it in the internal network. I decided to delete all the build in features and install archlinux OS and the tools that I need for my environment.

One of my main requirement was to have a common place to store all my files and share them easily between my computers in the house. I installed the Samba package and was able to setup a network attached storage (NAS). Now I wanted these files, mainly music files, pictures and videos, to be able to be accessed via my DLNA enabled Bluray player/ Television/ XBox.  This was achieved by installing the MiniDLNA Server. This was also a success except that the  client devices did not recognize/ encode some of those video files. I am still in search of some package that would work on this pogoplug device which can do on the fly transcoding .

You can also install “Cherokee” which is a very light weight Web Server, “Tor” which is an anonymous proxy network (Using the proxy is going to make your browsing experience very slow), “Flexget” which is a RSS torrent down loader…etc

You can get all the information regarding the whole procedure and step by step instructions from the website,

If you have any cool ideas on improving this archlinux home server, please let me know…….Thanks for reading.